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"We are very happy that you suggested we switch to the Licensor program - we've saved over $2,000 this month alone by buying the extended licenses. We will potentially have our entire metro IT staff trained this year well under our training budget. Thank you for the excellent products and usage solutions. "Training at our own pace..." never sounded so affordable. :)"

- Greg Dunn
(Western Division Manager, WYCO)

"The perfect solution to our training problem. The discount was unexpected, but the quality was not. you never cease to impress us. Thank you."

- Don Post

"We switched from a Reseller account to Test King Licensing because we weren't really running a store or marketing services of any kind. The licensing program just works perfectly with the volume and duration discounts. We're training twelve technicians in five states thanks to your new program. You've reduced our training budget and training time exponentially. I wish you worked with Mother inlaws."

- Robert Prescott
(HR Administrator)

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